Monday, 25 November 2013

Every Inchie Monday - Rope

Monday again!  Don't they come round quickly!? Only 4 Monday's to go till Christmas!!  And today we were putting the lights up outside as it was such a lovely day - bright sunshine and still - no wind at all.  You bet your life if we leave it till nearer December it will be blowing a hooley, cascading water from the skies or freezing cold and covered in white stuff!!  So we have our lights up but not switched on yet I hasten to add!! So Rope .... I had real problems with this one - could only think of a boat with a rope holding it fast - or an anchor rope but so difficult to portray on an inch square in embroidery!!  Course I could have done a hangman's noose but I thought that was a bit morbid!!  But then half way through the day - when I was at the top of the ladder putting on the lights - goodness knows where it came from but I thought of "skipping rope"!  And so here below is my mini skipping rope on a one inch square!  Hope you like it and please check out all the other inchies on Every Inchie Monday by clicking the link.  Thanks for visiting.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Every Inchie Monday - Old

Hello you Monday people.  Today's challenge word is "old" and I think that's quite a difficult concept to put in a picture on a one inch square!  Especially in fabric and embroidery which is my favoured medium only because when I started I thought it would be a way of experimenting with different techniques!!  So now I'm committed and somehow a grandfather clock didn't suit my medium!!  So I was thinking and I came up with the oldest conundrum I know "Which came first - the chicken or the egg?!"  So I have tried to portray that - I had some material with small chickens on and tried to make a 3D egg!!  It's not exactly what I had thought it would look like but I had problems with the egg after I'd stitched it and pricked my finger and stared askance at a bloody egg!!! After a lot of sucking (the material I meant not the finger!!) I managed to get it to a colour that was egg like and I'm afraid I've gone with what I've got rather than start again!  However the idea I thought was good - maybe not such a good production of it!!  Oh well - you can't win them all!!  Have a happy Monday and don't forget to click this link at everyinchiemonday to see what other inchie makers have done!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Every Inchie Monday - Mouth

On Every Inchie Monday this week the challenge word is Mouth!  My husband said I could have done the Rolling Stones mouth!!  The one with the big tongue! However I thought more outside the box this week and remembered Zippy in Rainbow!  My kids used to love that show. Of course I couldn't sew a whole zippy onto a one inch square but I was in my attic room trying to work something out with a zip and I found this old one from an old sofa cushion.  I'd kept the zip as thought it might be useful!  I was going to leave the zip tag on but there just wasn't room in the one inch!!  So I just made the open zip hopefully look like a mouth!!!  Well I think it does anyway and a zip does have teeth!!!  Thanks for looking and please click on the link to view all the other inchies this week.

Birthday Card

I made a card for my great niece who was 8 on 30th October this year.  She is such a lovely girl always animal mad and loves it when she comes here as I have loads of animals too and know a kennels where there are puppies and kittens etc.  She loves to cuddle and mother things!  A couple of years ago we were in France with the grandchildren and the great nieces and nephews - a big family holiday staying with my sister and in the summer time there the fields are full of sunflowers which is where this photo was taken when walking the dog! When it came to making the card I remembered this picture and having just found some old samples of curtain material - one had sunflowers on it so I used it to make this card.  The girl is stood on the sunflower with a cat in her arms and I rather like the simplicity of it and the fact she's in red as is Darcy in the picture! Thank you for visiting.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Every Inchie Monday - Danger Notice

I had great fun searching through google pictures of danger notices which was this Monday's challenge word on Every Inchie Monday - there was even one with a crocodile on it!!  I was very tempted!  However I decided on this one which is obviously unsafe cliffs!!!  And it is supposed to be viewed as a diamond shape.   Hope you all enjoyed this week's challenge.  Please check out all the other player's inchies - they are all superb - just click the link.