Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Every Inchie Monday - Village

This week's everyinchiemonday challenge word is Village.  I rather fancied the idea of a little mud hut village with mountains behind.  However I didn't think I'd ever have time to actually do it.  I've been on the road all week and weekend and then had to try and finalise my husband's tax return - I suppose that did have priority over my inchie!!  But at last I got the chance to sit and do some sewing and so this is the result but I ended up with white washed huts rather than mud - but maybe they got bleached by the sun!  Thanks for visiting and make sure you click the link to see more talented inchies.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Everyinchiemonday - Sofa

So this Monday's challenge word is Sofa and my dilemma was how to portray a sofa in sewing medium! After all a sofa is 3 dimensional and so it should be in my inchie! So I decided to stitch two pieces of fabric together so that I could stuff the areas to make it look like a plush sofa! I then folded the spare material in and stitched it down making a tiny sofa which I attached to a "room"! Anyway it got me sewing again and I really do enjoy it plus the challenge of "how to" and "what to". To view the other sofa inchies please visit everyinchiemonday. Thanks for visiting.

Friday, 15 January 2016

Everyinchiemonday - Sun

This Monday the subject for the everyinchiemonday challenge is Sun. I am a bit late but nevertheless I managed to finish my inchie however I should have done the sewing under a magnifying glass because now I can see all the mistakes! At real viewing it looks ok but blown up ... Well!!! Say no more! But you get the gist - a little bit of fun with a double meaning! Please follow the link to view more clever inchies.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

every Inchie Monday - Galaxy

Having not partaken of the everyinchiemonday Challenge for over two years I decided I'd like to try once again!  This Monday's challenge word is Galaxy and it is on a piece of black leather.  I had intended to embroider some sparkly glass beads but they were too big so I ended up using glitter and metallic pens.  Please click on the link to view other people's wonderful talented inchies.