Monday, 23 May 2016

Every Inchie Monday - Button

This one seems too simple, challenge word for Every Inchie Monday is button!!  Just sew on a button to an inch!  So I was going to make it more difficult and try and make a raised button and embroider something like "push" or "on" as in a button on a computer but .... my son gets married next Saturday, we have a wedding cake to make, I have to iron shirts and dresses, make a card and get the house ready for four children who are coming on Sunday for their half term whilst new mummy and new daddy go on their honeymoon!!  So I'm afraid I went for the easiest route and it's a button on a piece of one inch material, however since I didn't have any antique buttons or anything remotely interesting I chose a button that made me smile - a little owl that I purchased at a show last year. I tried sewing it on with the contrasting red thread but it made the owl look like it had a grim little mouth!!!  The matching light blue isn't much better but maybe not so bad!  Thank you for dropping by and for any comments - I love to read them they make it all worth doing and please click the link to view the other button inchies.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Every Inchie Monday - Three - Dimensional

Hello fellow Monday Inchie makers and this week's challenge word is Three dimensional, which gave me cause for concern!  Having tried to find the reference to it in the HHGTTG I was faced with mostly abstract concepts, 3D maths, 3D Space, 3D Graph, 3D Integrated ciruit, 3D quartz phenolic, 3D tactics analysis ... need I go on?  There were two possibilities - 3D chess and 3D face recognition but what the heck - in embroidery?!  So I did my own thing - don't know where it came from but I imagined a rabbit coming out of hat - like magic and in 3D!!  So here goes - the hat is stiffened felt and that didn't go too badly but making the little rabbit small enough was my problem this is 3'rD time lucky (get the pun?)  My felted rabbit was too big and scruffy, my second crocheted and sewn was too big as done in double knit so split the wool and did it again and got a smaller bunny but she is still a bit too big - anyway I've sewn her with a string attached so I can pull her out and then pull the string to bring her back into the hat but she's still peeping! Unfortunately the photos never show them to their full worth - she is much cuter in the flesh when you see her!
In - but that's as far as she will go in!
Have a lovely week - the sun is shining here and all is good - My husband and daughter took me out yesterday and, with only two weeks to go I managed to get my mother-of-the-groom outfit... everything, shoes, hat and bag as well and as a birthday surprise when I came out of the changing cubicle my son and new wife-to-be with their combined 4 children were all there as a surprise to take me to lunch!  It was wonderful.  Actually today is my birthday so I am off to enjoy it now.  Thank you for visiting my blog and all your lovely comments - they keep me going and don't forget to visit all the other inchie makers talented blogs by clicking the link.
she looks like she's got a carrot nose!

Monday, 9 May 2016

Every Inchie Monday - Brain

So today's challenge word over at Every Inchie Monday today is Brain!  I really didn't want to do loads of coils of grey matter - in fact I find the brain pretty repulsive to look at even though it's such a wonderful organ so I thought of the degrees of braininess, from a university student receiving their honours, to a not so smart arse who years ago were degraded by wearing a hat too, usually stood on their chair in the corner!  So here are the two hats of someone who has a brain and uses it and someone who does not!

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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Every Inchie Monday - Monkey

 Hi guys, hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday Monday about which I got confused and thought was Sunday so today is Monday in my book!!!  But it seemed to be a lovely long weekend!!  Was planting stuff most of the time in the greenhouse as it was still so cold but today has been much nicer so it was lovely sitting sewing in the bay window today!  Yesterday's word for Every Inchie Monday is Monkey and as there doesn't seem to be a lateral way of thinking for this word - (except perhaps doing one of my cats or grandchildren who are all little monkeys) - I have embroidered a proper monkey hanging by its tail from a branch (just in case you couldn't make it out!!)
Enjoy the rest of the week which I believe is going to get warmer - hooray! Please click on the link to view other people's one inch creations and thanks for stopping by and for your comments.