Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Every Inchie Monday - Physics

Well this Monday's challenge word at Every Inchie Monday is Physics!  I actually did this one a couple of weeks ago as I knew I wouldn't have time as I had my little granddaughter all week and then was away for a long weekend in Guernsey - which was really good.  We got back yesterday.  It's a difficult concept anyway to put in picture form let alone embroidery, but having looked at some of your inchies briefly, when I got the everyinchiemonday link, I see this one has been done before!!  I couldn't embroider a formula and not knowing what else I opted for the Physics logo -into which I could incorporate some beads and we all love beads!  So here goes, sorry it's not imaginative - the challenge for me was getting the lines to be thick and thin - a bit fiddly until I ran out of green thread at the end of the green thin line so the join is a bit untidy.  Have a lovely rest of the week - it's absolutely chucking it down here - haven't seen rain like it for a while - stair rods - which is up and coming in two weeks!!  Thanks for visiting and all your lovely comments.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Every Inchie Monday - Party

Well as I knew I would have my 18 month old granddaughter staying all weekend, and she's still with us, I did this one last week and I didn't put too much off-the-wall thought into this, I just wanted to do the paraphernalia of a party as in the balloons, confetti and bunting - my challenge was making a balloon out of fabric and I did try to make it out of organza so it would shine like a balloon but when I tried to stick two bits together to get the depth of colour, the glue dulled it, so I ended up trying to manipulate a folded piece of organza into a balloon shape but I have to say it was very fiddly and took me ages so even though the end result isn't as I expected I am stuck with it as I had no more time.  The nice thing is that I showed my inchie separately to my husband and two daughters and each of them guessed this week's every inchie monday challenge word "Party" so I guess it does portray it. Thank you for visiting and your comments, hope you have a nice week.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Every Inchie Monday - Radio

Well I must admit that the challenge words are beginning to leave me less than inspired!!  In fact so much so I wasn't even going to do this one!!!  Then on Saturday I was clearing out one of the children's bedrooms that I use for ironing now and as it has my son's old bunk bed with a work station underneath it has become a storage area for all manner of things that have no "homes", so I decided it was time to have a clear out.  And guess what turned up?  An old radio that my father-in-law gave us one Christmas back in the 90's.  Here is a picture of it.

 I remember it well as we were so excited - we love old things and plugged it in to see if it worked only to have Winston Churchill's unforgettable voice intoning his "we will fight on the beaches" speech!!  We all stood stunned and our expressions must have mirrored one another with a "What the ...!" expression.  It was uncanny and quite creepy - here we were turning on an old radio from the war and over the air came the most famous wartime speech!!!  And then when it ended a familiar DJ came on and we understood it was a program about famous speeches!!  But what a bizarre coincidence.  So being as our challenge word for Every Inchie Monday this week is Radio I decided to use this radio as my subject.  Here is a picture of my efforts, obviously not exact but that's because it's so small sometimes one forgets little things until a picture is taken and it is blown up - then you see all the faults!!!  Nobody's perfect! 
Thank you for visiting and all the comments you leave - I love reading them.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Every Inchie Monday - Robot and Ghastly

Since I missed last week, as I was child-sitting four grandchildren and with this wonderful weather we were swimming, barbecuing and picnicking all the time, I failed to get my robot inchie on the link in time as we had to take the children home on Sunday and I got back Monday!  So I am posting it with this week's inchie for the everyinchiemonday challenge word Ghastly - hope you don't mind!!  By the way the wedding went very well indeed and even the weather was kind to us.  So for a robot I just loved the idea of doing K9 the dog robot and although I'm not sure he did have red eyes I thought it put a bit of colour into the inchie plus the 9 looks more like a 7 but that's because I couldn't see where to sew!

For my ghastly inchie I looked up the definition of ghastly, as frankly all I could think of was a rubbish tip which I think is ghastly but a bit difficult to portray on an inch!! 

The definition is: causing great horror or fear; terrible, frightful, horrible, grim, dire, distressing, pale, ghostly, shocking, appalling, gruesome, grisly.  And so I think my ghastly inchie just about describes all those words, although having seen the photograph it loses something in the eyes as the beads I used glow and are quite piercing but they have been dulled by the photo!!  Even my husband commented how could such a small thing be so frightful!!  Hope you are all well and enjoying all this lovely sunshine and thank you for visiting and any comments you leave.  Please make sure you click the link to view other ghastly inchies!!!