Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Every Inchie Monday - Spiral

What wonderful weather to come home to!! It's just like being in France still!! In fact I've been so busy in the garden I forgot to post this week's Every Inchie Monday challenge which is spiral.  I think it's because I did this one before I went to France so I wouldn't be in a panic this week and I'm jolly glad I did because my attic is sweltering and I cannot craft in this weather up there!!!  I tried to make a snail with couched wool which should have got bigger nearer the edge - however it didn't look like a snail but it is a spiral so I'm not going to try and rectify it!

I sincerely hope you are all enjoying lovely weather too, thanks for dropping by and your comments, it's great to hear from you and my apologies for not leaving any comments on your blogs last week - I was a bit occupied and the wifi was intermittent so when I did try it didn't work - got rather frustrating so I gave up but I will try and visit this week.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Every Inchie Monday - Rain

Well a very apt Challenge word on Every Inchie Monday this week!  It has poured down all last week and was still raining when we left!  Believe it or not I am now in France and hooray although the forecast was rain - it is actually hot and sunny!  Even when we flew here yesterday it was from  a very rainy Birmingham but when we arrived in Bergerac it was like stepping into an oven - so lovely after all that rain!! And after an hour in the car - what a lovely journey through the hills of the Lot valley - we were able to sit out in the sun during the afternoon and swim it was gorgeous.  So my inspiration for this one was a painting by Annette Spinks called Melbourne Rain - Under the Umbrella - I loved it and thought to me it really depicts rain!! I used an off cut of pretty turquoise rayon that was my bridesmaids dress that I wore to my sisters wedding 51 years ago!!! (Of course in those days we made everything ourselves!! And of course I still have the material left over in my stash!)  This actually is quite pertinent to this week's blog as I am actually staying with my sister who now lives in France!! Well the rest is obvious - some black material for the umbrella and person and silver thread for rain - on such a small piece of work you can only do so much otherwise it gets too crowded but it's my interpretation of this painting. (Unfortunately the colour is muted in the photograph - in flesh it is more turquoise than the photo shows)

Hope your day gets better weather-wise and the rest of the week is sunny.  Thanks for visiting and all your comments, it's so nice to read them all.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Every Inchie Monday - Computer

Hi guys, Monday again and this weeks challenge word for Every Inchie Monday is Computer which apart from an image of a box or screen was not exactly scintillating!  So I tried to think of what computer meant to me and every time I start my computer it comes up with the windows sign - very pretty in red, green, yellow and blue.  I am sure many others have chosen this emblem but I thought I would try and replicate it in material - and the challenge for me was finding material that graded in colour so I could get the light and shade of the wavy squares.  This took me quite a while but I managed it in the end from flowered material where the flowers were dark at the edge getting paler towards the middle, the blue was the hardest - I don't seem to have much in blue!!   The actual sewing bit took me ten minutes!  Anyway here is my inchie and thanks for dropping by and all your wonderful comments. Don't forget to click the link and visit other inchie makers fine work.