Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Every Inchie Monday - Underground and Sheep

Hi guys, sorry I've not been around.  Missed last week's as I had five grandchildren staying the youngest being 19 months and the most unruly of them all!!  She is entering the terrible two's too early and does not like the word NO!!!!  Anyway I didn't get a chance to sit and sew and by the time they'd all gone by the Sunday I was so exhausted I couldn't do a thing except vegetate in front of the telly!!!  However, today I managed to get both inchies done plus two birthday cards so am feeling a bit more myself.  Firstly there is last week's everyinchiemonday challenge word Underground.  I wanted to do a train coming out of a tunnel in an underground station but didn't get as far as doing the train - it seemed superfluous actually so it's just a tunnel going underground!
 And for this week's challenge the word is Sheep so instead of doing loads of French knots which I have done before I wanted to do something different.  I saw a picture of a sheep with curly hair all round it's face and I had some curly wool tops so I thought I'd use them.  They were a bit too large for the one inch square so I had to tease them a bit and sew them down, plus draw the sheep's face on a piece of felt but the shading didn't show so I had to try and embroider it on - in the photo the thread for shading looks green!!  I'm sorry too that the wool curls have slightly extended over the square one inch base - hope it still counts!!  Anyway it's good to be back, thanks for dropping by and any comments you leave, it's great to hear from you.