Monday, 31 October 2016

Every Inchie Monday - Coastline

This week's challenge word at Every Inchie Monday is Coastline.  I used to live on the south coast as a child and coming into Dover on a boat from France it was always a joy seeing the white cliffs - so that's what I chose to portray.  Memories always  help with these challenges and it makes it very enjoyable.
There does deem to be a bit of a nautical theme going here - my last four inchies have included the sea! will have to try land for the next one!  Thanks for dropping by and any comments you leave - it's always fun reading what you think - thank you.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Every Inchie Monday - Pirate

I loved doing this one.  When I saw this week's Every Inchie Monday challenge word "Pirate" - I immediately thought of Captain Hook in Peter Pan - he's such a great character so I wanted to do a hook against a sea background but unfortunately when I had completed it - (not using a fishing hook as first intended, I had to bend a gold pipe cleaner but then was informed Captain Hook's hook is silver so I had to embroider it!!) well it looked empty - the hook alone just didn't do it - so I was wondering what else to put in my inch to make it look like Captain Hook when I saw one of DeeDee's feathers on the floor!  (DeeDee is my white umbrella cockatoo)  So I thought - "hat and a plume" - so that's what the red bit at the side is supposed to be - the brim of the hat with the feather or plume coming off and the black ringlets at the side of his face!!!  I hope now I've explained it you can see what it's supposed to be!!  I had to do bullion stitches to get the ringlets - not easy I can tell you!! especially at the edge of the inchie!  So here is Captain Hook:

And here is DeeDee!
Thanks for dropping by and your comments I had some lovely ones last week so many thanks for those.  Don't forget to visit all the other magnificent mini works of art by clicking the link here.  Hope your week is a good one.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Every Inchie Monday - Dinosaur, Direction and Horizon

This has been such a task for me trying to get these inchies done for Every Inchie Monday and yet when I do finish them I feel so good!!  And that's why I persevere even though I don't have time for them!  Here again are three inchies.  My missed one for Dinosaur which I had started on the Monday and each time I tried to finish it something came up! So then I was trying to do two for the following week and I actually had in mind to have a sign post for "Direction" on a beach with the sea behind - I was all ready to put the sign in place when I realised that this week is Horizon and the scene with the sea as the horizon was ideal, so then I had to make another background for my signpost and I chose the sand dunes!!  So I finished them all yesterday afternoon after having been out for lunch with the family so I was nice and relaxed and was able to sit in the bay window with lovely light to sew by and not having a kitchen to clear up and washing up to do or anything!!   And so here they are.

Don't forget to mosey on round to view the other inchie makers work and thanks for dropping by and any comments you leave.  I love being able to share my work and really will now try and make an effort to be on time!!