Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Every Inchie Monday - Peacock

What a beautiful bird the peacock is and it is the subject for this week's challenge at Every Inchie Monday.  Such gorgeous colours to work with and I wanted to bring the lusciousness of the feathers into my inchie this week but unfortunately I couldn't find my rayon embroidery threads which have that beautiful lustre so I have had to work with cotton but I still really enjoyed doing this one.  I had it already to sew on Saturday but my daughter turned up unexpectedly with her 2 year old so you can imagine everything planned went out the window!!!  I was expecting her anyway for Sunday - for Mother's Day - but she came for her husband's mother on the Saturday and as they were busy she decided to leave them to it and bring Milly to see me - only ten minutes away!!  So I got a double whammy which put paid to Sunday as well and then her cousin arrived with her 2 year old and it was the first time the two 2 year old second cousins have ever met so it was wonderful seeing these two little blonde girls the same height skipping along holding hands!!  A truly magical family weekend with my sister's-in-law family who stayed for Monday as well! Plus the weather was stunning - not so today as it is overcast and grey now and we started with a low lying mist that hasn't been burnt off by the sun.  It truly feels like Spring now that the clocks have gone forward as well. Anyway here is my Peacock:
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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Every Inchie Monday - Woodpecker

Well it seems I'm back to Every Inchie Wednesday!!!  Try as I do I can never seem to get my inchie done by Monday - I think Tuesday and Wednesday are my best days for sewing so I am trying to get next week's done at the same time!  However this week's challenge on EIM was woodpecker and because we get loads of the greater spotted woodpeckers on our bird table I decided that's what I'd do.  I really enjoyed doing this one and even had a woodpecker on the bird hanger whilst I was sewing!  So here is Woody Woodpecker, I photographed it under the lamp so there's a bit of glare:

We've had snow this week - it's ridiculous how cold it has gone again just when the little lambs are about, not fair to them.  Anyway thankfully it's gone again as quickly as it came but there is still a keen wind so not gardening time yet even though I have spied a few weeds!  But the kites are back and she's back on her nest again so it is looking like Spring is here.  Clocks go forward to Summer Time this Saturday night so more time in the evening for doing things!  Thanks for calling in and for any comments you leave and have a lovely weekend all.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Every Inchie Monday - Heron

Good afternoon - I know, I'm back to Wednesday - tried so hard to be earlier but hey ho.  Heron is this weeks challenge on EIM and a very tall bird to fit in an inch square!  On paper I had a great image but trying to fit it on material with thread all of which are a lot bulkier - well need I say more - however here is my result complete with bulrush  having used the same technique as last week!
Thanks for calling in and please visit the other superb inchies over at EIM by clicking the link.  The sun is shining so I'd best go make the most of it - after all it may not be there tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

EMI - Duck

So this week's challenge word on Every Inchie Monday is Duck and although I was going to do a little yellow bath tub duck with a red bill I decided to challenge myself and went for a male mallard duck!  Very colourful!  I knew I had a very shiny green rayon embroidery thread which I thought I could use.  It was quite a difficult thing putting it onto an inch square, however I tried a new technique today - well I made it up but I've never done this before!  I found a piece of variegated blue material which looked like water and I have some plain linen strips left over from leg waxing!!!  So I drew the duck onto this having put some bondaweb behind it and coloured the duck in with pro-markers then cut it out and ironed it on!!  It looked pretty good just like that but I did want to embroider it so I just embroidered over the top of the colours I'd marked out - it was really enjoyable and I think worked.  I also left the tail feathers free and wet them to bring them into a peak for the tail peak.  Here is my duck:

We have an arduous time ahead of us now, a very dear old friend's very unexpected funeral on Thursday, a 6 hour drive away, so we are leaving tomorrow to stay with mutual friends to go down together on Thursday morning.  Then would you believe it my husband is working at a hotel very nearby the next day for lunch so it has saved us two long 12 hour round trips.  With the same drive back in Friday afternoon/evening traffic it will probably be midnight before we get home!  I just hate being sat in the car for that long!  So I shall enjoy a relaxing weekend.  Hope your week will be nicer than mine. Thanks for visiting my blog and for any comments you leave.