Monday, 15 May 2017

Every Inchie Monday - Koala

Well Guday!!!  This week's inchie is a Koala bear - what a cute little fella he is but apparently very sedentary.  Because they live mainly on eucalyptus which is very low in caloric content the koala bear sleeps for nearly 20 hours per day!!  I think I must have been a koala in my previous life as I always seem to be tired!!  Of the marsupial family it, like the kangaroo, carries its young (called a Joey) in a pouch and its closest relative is a wombat. With few natural predators its main threat is virus and bushfires or drought naturally and habitat destruction by man.  Here is my little chap.
  I managed to get though all the driving last weekend getting back home on Sunday to a lovely birthday surprise of the family visiting me and cooking lunch for me!!  So lovely and we have just been lazy today trying to get over all that travelling as we have to do it all again this weekend working in Bournemouth! Hence getting my inchie on today Monday would you believe it on time for once!!!Thanks for dropping in and any comments you leave. Don't forget to check out all the other inchie makers wonderful work at EIM by clicking the link.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Every Inchie Monday - Flamingo

This week on Every Inchie Monday the challenge word is Flamingo. Such a beautiful bird but quite a big one to get on an inch!! I've been busy clearing the attic out and so my crafting has had to take a back seat plus it's been beautiful weather so I've been trying to fit in a bit of gardening too and on top of that I went down with a horrid head cold on Saturday and have been fighting it ever since so I am absolutely amazed that I managed to get this week's Inchie done! In fact I prepped it on Monday when I was feeling a bit better and having come in from the garden exhausted and very hot, as it's a beautiful day today, I was sat thinking I might as well sew my flamingo and before long she was done and I feel really relaxed and satisfied! A few weeks ago when I was visiting a friend at Portishead we drove to a nearby village where there was a lovely haberdashery shop and I bought this gorgeous coloured metallic thread which I decided to use for the water. I think it's quite effective and blends with the pink of the flamingo.  I've been dying to use it so bingo!!

Thanks for visiting and any comments you leave and enjoy the rest of the week. I now have three days of travelling London, Wales and Southampton!


Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Every Inchie Monday - Bee

This week's challenge for Every Inchie Monday is bee.  I must admit I have actually been putting this one off.  I did Bee four years ago for the challenge word Wing and used bullion knots which worked really well but I wanted to do a different bee this time and the more I looked the more I felt I couldn't do it justice.  However this morning I jumped in at the deep end and decided to do a bee in Ghiordes knot or turkey stitch which I have never attempted, and after all the purpose for me doing these inches is to try different techniques and stitches that I've never done before. It gives it a very fluffy appearance just like a bee however it is not as easy as it looks - well the stitch is easy enough but it's the placement of the stitches and not knowing what it will look like until the loops are cut and the thing is brushed - I kept cutting more and more away until I felt there would be a mistake and I would rue the day so I stopped trimming it  It possibly needs more trimming but I was a coward!!  I was also going to sew the wings with silver gossamer thread but when I couldn't find my silver thread I opted for a  piece of organza bonda webbed together and then cut into wing shapes and sewn on.  This was the most difficult to photograph to advantage.  I must have taken ten photos and none really show it off - I have to say it does look better in real life!! 

Anyway thanks for visiting and for all the lovely comments you leave - I love hearing what you think.  Have a lovely rest of the week and I hope you all had a good Bank Holiday - the weather has actually been lovely here except for a biting wind!  Today is no exception!