Stone Inchie (January 21st 2013)

Happiness Inchie (Feb 11th 2013)

Broom Inchie (Feb 18th 2013)

Girl Inchie (January 14th 2013)

Star Inchie (January 7th 2013)
Hut Inchie I did a second one of Beach huts for January 28th 2013
Ruin Inchie (4th Febryary 2013)
Hut Inchie (January 28th 2013)
Street Sweeper (Feb 25th 2013)

Table Inchie (June 3rd 2013)

Bed Inchie (June 10th 2013)

Light Inchie (June 17th 2013)

Footstep Inchie (March 18th 2013)

Glasses Inchie (March 11th 2013)

Spring Meadow Incie (April 22nd 2013)

Travel Inchie (April 1st 2013)

Turtle Inchie (May 6th 2013)

Wing Inchie (June 24th 2013)

Wave Inchie (March 4th 2013)

Hour Inchie (July 1st 2013)

Life Inchie (April 15th 2013)

Melody Inchie (May 27th 2013)

Flower Inchie (May 20th 2013)

Bicycle Inchie (April 29th 2013)

Map Inchie (March 25th 2013)

Mountain Peak Inchie (April 8th 2013)

Track Inchie  (May 13th 2013)

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  1. I have been looking at your collection of past inchies...they are a wonderful collection, beautiful stitching! Dixx